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Johanna Froese 

Detox Specialist 

I help people who suffer from physical health issues and have not been satisfied with the way the medical community approaches their problem, to heal their body naturally and experience true health instead of suppressing symptoms.



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How to work with me

The first step is always a detailed health assessment which is a questionnaire that allows me to understand what exactly is going on in your physical body and how to start helping you. 

Based on your answers in the questionnaire, I write a step by step detox protocol which includes a diet and herb plan for at least 6 months. 

After that, we sit down (in person or via zoom) and talk it through, make sure you understand everything and answer all the questions. 

Now you are able to do the detox on your own - all the information is in the protocol. 

However, if you wish to have personal guidance and support during that time, I also offer 1:1 coaching.