10% organic CBD hemp extract- NaturalTEN 10ml

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BIO AUSTRIA certified

Full extract from CO2 extraction

Without additives



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The completely natural BioBloom 10% Bio CBD hemp extract Natural TEN is the first natural hemp extract with 10% CBD/CBDa and the full spectrum of the hemp plant from CO2 extraction.

The natural full extract - as usual with BioBloom without enrichment with CBD isolates and without additives - contains in addition to 10% CBD and CBDa also the valuable cannabinoids CBDV, CBN, CBG, CBC and others, terpenes, flavonoids, valuable unsaturated fatty acids as well as numerous vitamins, minerals and phenols.

In harmonious interaction all ingredients can unfold their full power.

Highest organic quality with the full spectrum of the hemp plant.


60% organic CBD hemp extract

40% organic hemp oil

CBD/CBDA: 1000 mg

THC: < 0.2%

CBG: 0,19%

CBC: 0.29%

CBN: 0.07%

Other ingredients: terpenes, minerals, flavonoids.


The BioBloom CBD Hemp Extracts Natural are 100% natural products from CO2-extraction without any flavourings. No artificial additives are added to the organic whole extracts, nor is the naturally pure original product altered in any way.

The consistency is therefore thicker and the taste very intense (strongly nutty and grassy, slightly hot).


Store at room temperature and away from sunlight. DO NOT store in the refrigerator!

Keep out of reach of children and young people.

Shake well before use.

In case of unexpected temperature changes (storage and delivery in summer and winter) the CBD extract may become more viscous in rare cases. This change in consistency is a natural process and does not affect the quality of the product. In this case please use the following steps:

hold the well closed vial under lukewarm water

shake vigorously - best in the fist for warmth

Press the pipette a few times before dispensing

A changed, more viscous consistency does not affect the quality of the product!